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"PocketMan" Skateboard Deck

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The "PocketMan" Skateboard Deck is made from a 7 ply Hardrock Canadian maple 2 stain (top and middle) color veneer. Concave C7 : Medium concave with middle rocker for extra strength. Perfect kicks on nose and tail.

Featuring the 2 most OP Pokemon from Gen 1, Gengar and Kadabra! These two are up to some mischief. Imagine an alternate reality where humans are the pets, trained and traded like objects trapped in a ball.

Inspired by the World Industry graphics of the early 00's of Wet Willy and Flameboy! Huge shoutout to Cas Raven for bringing this idea to life!

These boards were produced by a well known company in the skateboarding industry, they make great wall hangers for the art, but are intended to be skated!!

Pressed from hardrock Canadian Maple!


Only 25 available this first run!!


Sizing Details:

width: 8.25"   length: 31.875"  Wheelbase: 14.25" Nose : 6.875" Tail: 6.5"

width: 8.5"   length: 33"  Wheelbase: 14.25" Nose :7.5" Tail: 7"


Wall Mount Recommendation!