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Boxy Pixel Unhinged Build (Built-to-Order)

Regular price $325.00

Have us build your dream Boxy Pixel Unhinged GBA SP!



This listing is for a Preorder of a build. Meaning after you place your order we will order the parts for your build from BOXY PIXEL. Please check their site and make sure the colors that you are wanting are in stock.


The Unhinged shell is designed by Boxy Pixel and is designed to replace the original GBA SP shell with one more similar to the shape of a traditional Gameboy.

The shell is made of aluminum, along with the face buttons (L and R buttons will be plastic).

IPS screen will be installed in this build and all of the other mods are additional upgrades:

  • Battery Upgrade - A 1600mAh that allows for much longer playtime than the original 600mAh battery
  • USBc Charging - Charge with any USBc charger (magnetic charger is included with upgrade)
  • Headphone Jack Mod - Add a headphone jack to listen to your favorite game's audio!
  • Tactile Triggers (new clicky style triggers) - I recommend these in the unhinged builds


Product Photos courtesy of BOXY PIXEL


**GBA is made to order meaning I will make it on completion of purchase and will ship in 3-4 weeks**

You can see pictures of this and other mods on my Instagram page @JayBoyModz