UV Printed Custom Poke shell W/Screen for Gameboy Color Retro Pixel 2.0!!

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Shell and Retro Pixel 2.0 Screen pictured included!!

(This listing is for the shell and screen only)

If you would like this shell and screen used in a custom build please add it to your cart and checkout with my custom GBC listing here:

The modification of the bracket in the middle of the battery compartment will not affect the installation of AA battery and provide more space for modification of lithium battery.

1 x GBC housing with matching battery cover

1 x Infrared cover

1 x Button Set

3 x stickers

1 x LCD kit

The case does not yet support the GBC Retro Pixel 1.0 kit and the original screen.

The colors may differ from what you see on your monitor

This is an aftermarket product, which may feel different from the real product.

Low temperatures may cause the case to contract slightly.